Фото HP 2133 Mini-Note в сравнении Asus EEE

Май 08

Обзор "HP 2133 Mini-Note: Videos, Specs, Photo Gallery" (английский) http://www.notebooks.com/2008/04/07/hp-2133-mini-note-videos-specs-photo....

Best Value for a Compact NotebookThe HP 2133 Mini-Note is not the cheapest compact notebook you can buy, but it is the best value hands down. While other notebooks in this category look and feel like they should be sold at Toys R Us, the 2133 comes across as a serious business computer at a price that’s unbelievable.
Yes, the HP 2133 is more expensive than an Eee PC, but you get a true companion notebook that has a lot of features you won’t find on many notebooks that are triple the price.
The HP 2133 Mini-Note looks at home next to my MacBook Pro, which I may soon be leaving behind more often if I get a 2133 of my own. The HP 2133 Mini-Note is a great option for when you need a computer, but don’t want a computer to get in the way of the rest of your life.

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